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Agile Product Development Glossary Definition

Oil producers have focused their efforts on optimizing production from existing fields and investing more aggressively in new developments. The EU has exercised leadership and argued for policies that support the expansion of trade, growth, and development. The next stage in the development of this product line is a retail version. He was recruited to oversee international business development. We were waiting for the development of new plans for the city’s convention center.

A technique to scale Scrum up to large groups , consisting of dividing the groups into Agile teams of 5-10. When “simple design” choices have far-reaching consequences, two or more developers meet for a quick design session at a whiteboard. Pair programming consists of two programmers sharing a single workstation . In Open Space development glossary meetings, events, or conferences, participants create and manage their own agenda of parallel sessions around a specific theme. “Information radiator” is the term for any of a number of visual displays which a team places in a highly visible location, so that all team members can see the latest information at a glance.

Choose from convenient delivery formats to get the training you and your team need — where, when and how you want it. The sources do not each contain a distinct stage in an organic process of growth, development, and decline. Rigorous validation and quality control procedures have been imposed throughout the development course.

Lead Time

A requirement that specifies an external item with which a system or system component must interact, or sets forth constraints on formats, timing, or other factors caused by such an interaction. Analysis of the known or anticipated need for a product, system, or component to assess the degree to which the requirements, designs, or plans can be implemented. An event that causes suspension of normal program execution.

Establishing confidence through appropriate testing that the finished product produced by a specified process meets all release requirements for functionality and safety. A technique a CPU can use to learn if a peripheral device is ready to receive data or to send data. In this method each device is checked or polled in-turn to determine if that device needs service. The device must wait until it is polled in order to send or receive data. This method is useful if the device’s data can wait for a period of time before being processed, since each device must await its turn in the polling scheme before it will be serviced by the processor.

development glossary

Gamification is the application of typical elements of game playing to the design of development initiatives. It is used as either the optimal learning approach or as a technique to encourage engagement. Formative evaluation occurs throughout the design of any talent development solution. Its purpose is to improve the draft initiative and increase the likelihood that it will achieve its objectives.

Quick Design Session

It is the process of creating a website that will be used to sell or buy products or services online. This can help to generate more revenue and conversions for your business. Code that tells browsers how to display a webpage to users.

development glossary

A high priority interrupt that cannot be disabled by another interrupt. It can be used to report malfunctions such as parity, bus, and math co-processor errors. A type of microelectronic circuit used for logic and memory chips.

The automation of manufacturing systems and techniques, including the use of computers to communicate work instructions to automate machinery for the handling of the processing needed to produce a workpiece. The degree to which a system or component has a design or implementation that is difficult to understand and verify. Pertaining to any of a set of structure based metrics that measure the attribute in .

Website Developer Glossary: 45+ Terms to Know

Scope Creep is when work or deliverables are added to a project that were neither part of the project requirements nor added through a formal change process. Performance Improvement is a holistic and systematic approach to meeting organizational goals by identifying and closing human performance gaps. Needs analysis is a systemic process of collecting and synthesizing data and information to determine the difference between the current condition and the desired future condition. Microlearning enhances learning and performance in the most efficient and effective manner possible through short pieces of content.

  • Contrast with rapid prototyping, spiral model, waterfall model.
  • The team meets regularly to reflect on the most significant events that occurred since the previous such meeting, and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • The support is embedded within the natural workflow and is organized for use within a specific context, such as the location or role that requires completion.
  • Graphic software specifications.
  • Small computer systems interface.
  • Contrast with path analysis.
  • May also be referred to as training delivery.

A test case identification technique which produces enough test cases such that each decision has a true and a false outcome at least once. Contrast with path analysis. The process, initiated by a single action, of transferring one or more blocks of data. A diagram of a system, instrument or computer, in which the principal parts are represented by suitably annotated geometrical figures to show both the basic functions of the parts and the functional relationships between them. A code representing characters by sets of parallel bars of varying thickness and separation that are read optically by transverse scanning. An historical copy of a database saved at a significant point in time for use in recovery or restoration of the database.

Professional Scrum Developer Glossary

The degree to which software is free from faults in its specification, design and coding. The degree to which software, documentation and other items meet specified requirements. The degree to which software, documentation and other items meet user needs and expectations, whether specified or not. In programming languages, an abstraction of all possible paths that an execution sequence may take through a program.

development glossary

CareerFoundry is an online school for people looking to switch to a rewarding career in tech. Select a program, get paired with an expert mentor and tutor, and become a job-ready designer, developer, or analyst from scratch, or your money back. Wireframes help designers to communicate to web developers how a website should be structured. UI design stands for user interface design, and it’s all about the screens and interactive touchpoints that make up a website or an app.

It derives its name from its use of metal, oxide and semiconductor layers. There are several varieties of MOS technologies including PMOS, NMOS, CMOS. The process of determining the value of some quantity in terms of a standard unit. Mean time between failures. A measure of the reliability of a computer system, equal to average operating time of equipment between failures, as calculated on a statistical basis from the known failure rates of various components of the system.

UX design stands for user experience design, and it’s all about providing a smooth, user-friendly experience for the end user as they navigate around a website or an app. You can learn more about UX design elsewhere on the blog. Responsive design ensures that a website is displayed correctly no matter what device the user is viewing it on. Responsive websites are built in such a way that they adapt to different screen sizes, so the user gets the same quality and ease-of-use regardless of whether they’re browsing on desktop, mobile, or tablet. You can learn the differences between responsive and adaptive web design.

Usability Testing

This publication is designed for all those interested in researching, promoting and applying human development principles, particularly for students, policymakers, representatives of civil society, as well as media outlets. A Venture Development Organization is a state or nonprofit entity that contributes to regional or sector-based economic prosperity by providing services for the purposes of accelerating the commercialization of research. VDOs are defined in 15 USC § 3722.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

A program which copies other programs from auxiliary memory to main memory prior to its execution. A graphical, problem oriented, programming language which replicates electronic switching blueprints. An individual step in an critical control point of the manufacturing process. A structured reformation of the program module by module or function by function with an integration test being performed following each addition. Methods include top-down, breadth-first, depth-first, bottom-up.

Before sharing sensitive information, make sure you’re on a federal government site.

Scrum Master

Analysis of a computer program to identify all possible paths through the program, to detect incomplete paths, or to discover portions of the program that are not on any path. An error detection method in data transmissions that consists of selectively adding a 1-bit to bit patterns to cause the bit patterns to have either an odd number of 1-bits or an even number of 1-bits . Thin glass wire designed for light transmission, capable of transmitting billions of bits per second. Unlike electrical pulses, light pulses are not affected by random radiation in the environment.

More examples Ever since was formed in 1968, the company has been at the forefront of computer development. Essentially, the most important thing to do is solve the user’s problems, using methods which put the end user or customer at the center of the process. You’ll get all our exclusive tips, tricks and handy resources sent straight to your inbox.

There is no single definition because many other terms are included under the CBT umbrella, including computer-aided instruction, computer-managed instruction, and computer-based instruction. Third Wave…strategic paradigm of economic development that aims to create a local or regional en-vironment that is supportive of growth and development. One-Stop Business Service Centers…One-stop business service centers are facilities where business persons can go to obtain the licenses and permits needed to start-up, operate, and expand https://globalcloudteam.com/ their facilities. These centers improve the local business environment while reducing the number of separate agencies and offices a business must apply to for various licenses and permits, saving public and private time and financial resources. Multiplier Effect… the process of dollar and job generation as a result of a new or migrating business or project, or of a local business expanding production . The multiplier effect accounts for new local income generated by local spending that came from outside a community.

Often required by localities for the approval of development projects. First Wave…Strategic paradigm of economic development that focuses on business attractin tactics. Business Retention… systematic effort designed to keep local companies content at their present locations which includes helping companies cope with changing economic conditions and internal company problems. As a web developer, you’ll also work closely with UX designers, so it helps to understand what they do.

Chips which may be programmed and erased numerous times like an EPROM. However an EEPROM is erased electrically. This means this IC does not necessarily have to be removed from the circuit in which it is mounted in order to erase and reprogram the memory.

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